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+ Add to your crossword collection.
+ View stats and achievements.
+ Challenge other people.
+ Scoring on site games.
+ Make friends and interact.

Getting Started:
The first thing to do is design a great layout for your crossword.
Words? Questions? Size? Difficulty? Theme?

Interacting with the grid:
• Type your letters into the resizable grid (below this message) to place your words.
• To make some squares black or white you can double-click them.
(It's faster to colour squares using the menu options on the right)

The word suggestor:
Just type a single letter then see on the page as colour coded suggestions for words appear.
Hover your mouse over each word as a preview or click to insert it into your grid.
Something which would of taken you minutes, now takes mere seconds!

Your clues:
This website will automatically create your clue templates for you afterwards.

Click sliders to hide and show stuff on the page.

1. Start with your grid
2. How to create your clues
3. Uploading your crossword
Creating your cluesX
Your ACROSS/DOWN clues help people solve your grid.

After your grid is designed:
• Click 'MAKE QUESTIONS' from this page.
The editor will scan your grid to do some of the work for you!
• Then edit the newly created clues to your liking.

You've now got a crossword!
Keep it, play, upload, publish, save, print or store it, privately or publically.

The final bit explains helpful options.
1. Start with your grid
2. How to create your clues
3. Uploading your crossword
List of useful optionsX
More help can be found in each menus area.

• Save and load in multiple ways.
1. Autosave progress incase you leave the page half way through.
2. By using the CopyCode (Turn crossword into a codeword for quick offline storage)
3. By using the work-in-progress method to save longterm.

• To colour fastest: Type all your grid letters, then click 'Blacken empty squares'.

• Follow your coloured task list to speed things up.
These messages are required to publish it.
These messages are just optional and/or recommended.

• You can print any crossword. Even ones made by other people!
There are extras too when printing like adding interactive spaces for
school children to write their names once printed.
and using less ink when printing black. So your printer ink get saved!

• Test play/preview your work-in-progress below.

• An anagram is an optional puzzle sometimes found in other crosswords.
It's where you hide a chosen word amongst your letters and give it a clue,
The person playing your crossword must uncover and solve the word.
Click the menu option to find out more about how to include one.

• Published crosswords will appear in the public playlist automatically.
(Browse and play things made by other people there too)

Now complete!
You should know enough now to make a crossword in minutes.

1. Start with your grid
2. How to create your clues
3. Uploading your crossword
Press UP and DOWN on your keyboard to move clues 1) Type a letter. 2) See categorised words on the right. Get more words: type again in the grid or reclick the grid.
Crossword generatorv1.0
Questions appear here after you place words in your grid.

Type letters in your grid first

Restore previous:
Free crossword designer tool
Create | Print | Publish | Play

How to make a crossword in minutes
Type 1 letter, see suggestions, click to insert

  Fastest way:  
1. Use the suggestion tool or manually layout the grid.
2. Click Blacken empty squares to fill in the rest.
3. Click MAKE QUESTIONS to generate your clue box.
4. Type your clues into the new across/down boxes.
5. Write in a title or description then upload below.

Guide   Demo
▼ Upload it ▼
Loading tasklist

Design grid

Rows: Cols:

Basic info
Fill this in
Name of crossword: *
Your name: *
What's the difficulty:
Tags/keywords: *

Most common letter:_
Word count:
Letter count:
White squares:
Black squares:
Insert words rapidly
Type your first letter in the grid to start
You'll see word suggestions, easily categorised

Type now

Colour the grid
Fast: Blacken empty squares   Black   White
Paint w/ mouse:    
Dblclick any square to toggle its colour.

Add extra anagram puzzle This is an optional addition.
By clicking certain letters in your grid you can form a word. The crossword player has to uncover the marked letters when they are playing to solve it. If you do add one then it's advised to do so after using the make clues option.
1. Type an answer from your letters:
Available letters: (none yet)

You can add an optional clue:

2. Use the wizard to colour in your squares:
Start the Placement wizard when ready.

Location of letters: [none set yet]

3. Colour your chosen squares:

Make printable version (or print while playing)

Save/load (3 ways)
Save: quicksave     
Save: work-in-progress file
Load: work-in-progress file
Save: CopyCode A CopyCode is designed as a very fast way of storing or sharing projects within seconds. It's a compact encrypted piece of text which represents your onscreen project. Load it (or give it to someone else to load) with the other menu option below. Just copy the contents of the textbox and paste it to a text file on your computer.

Refresh code

Load: CopyCode Paste a CopyCode into the box below to load a crossword onscreen. If you don't know what this is, then click the generate menu above to learn about it.

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Preview here
1) Fill in your grid 2) Write ACROSS/DOWN questions. 3) See your tasklist.
You'll see a playable preview crossword here.

Publish your crossword
Follow the publisher tasklist above to add it to the playable list.
You can invite friends to play it and make it public so anyone in the world can play too.
Preview before publishing:
(compiled )



How many are correct?
Reveal single letter.
Reveal all letters.
Reveal anagram word answer.

Add your own words

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